School Council

At Wimborne Junior School our pupils have an important role to play in issues that affect the children themselves. We value the opinion and suggestions made by pupils and encourage them to be responsible members of our school community. A representative from each class is chosen by their peers. Each class has a School Council suggestion box, where children can put their ideas and suggestions to make the school a better place. The School Council discusses the ideas as a group and decide which ideas are suitable to take forward to Mrs Jacobs and the Senior Leadership Team.

Minutes are taken during each meeting using PowerPoint; these minutes are then used by the School Council reps to share with their class.

School Council meetings are held fortnightly after school on a Thursday and Class Council meetings are held the following week to share what was discussed at the meeting.

Last year, the School Council organised and ran the Christmas Fayre, supported Sports Relief, Children in Need, Tom Prince Cancer Trust and Save the Children, raised £1081 for their chosen charity ‘Hope 4 Harriet', held Christmas, Easter and summer discos, sponsored Singaiah Sunnam in India, met the Lord Mayor and interviewed all new staff members.

Associate Governors

We have 4 associate (pupil) Governors chosen by the School Council to represent each year group. We take on this role for the four years that we are at Wimborne Junior School. We attend School Council meetings and take children’s ideas and suggestions to Governor meetings. We also bring questions back to the School Council from Governors to help them make decisions to include children’s viewpoints. We are the link between the children and the Governors.

Proud to be members of the Primary Council of Portsmouth Students