School Improvement Plan

Priority 1 –  To continue to improve pupil outcomes through improving the quality of teaching, learning and assessment

Success Criteria

  • the attainment of writing to be in line with national or above
  • the attainment of science to be in line with national or above
  • the attainment of GLD to be in line with national or above
  • the attainment of phonics to be in line with national or above
  • all children to make good or better progress from starting points
  • continue to embed reading, writing and communication and, where appropriate, mathematics exceptionally well across the curriculum
  • all children will develop their writing and vocabulary skills across the curriculum
  • further evidence of active learning within lessons which result in positive engagement and motivation

Priority 2 – To develop a creative and inspirational curriculum which challenges children to use our STAR powers

Success Criteria

  • evidence of deeper learning opportunities across the whole curriculum to develop mastery, resilience and reflectiveness
  • evidence of expected & greater depth writing across the curriculum
  • children will demonstrate our ‘STAR powers’ in lessons leading to excellent behaviour for learning
  • pupils love the challenge of learning and are resilient to failure; they are curious, interested learners who seek out and use new information to develop, consolidate and deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills
  • evidence of problem solving, investigative, experimental and outdoor learning, where children are challenged and motivated to achieve
  • pride will be taken in our classrooms, quality & presentation of work, appearance

Priority 3 – To further improve the effectiveness of leaders, managers and governors

Success Criteria

  • continue to develop effective & meaningful communication at all levels
  • develop subject teams to ensure progressive coverage of their subject in line with the NC, that age related English and maths skills are incorporated in the coverage of their subject across the school
  • strengthening distributive leadership across the school by developing our Year Leaders
  • securing outstanding effective governance, across the governing body, through rigorous self-evaluation, focussed action and investment